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The Elsa May Agency, LLC is focused on referring professional baby nurses and nannies that are trustworthy, caring and highly experienced in providing outstanding services. Our goal is to ensure that our clients' specialized needs are met when we unite them with our baby nurses and nannies. We make sure that our clients and nurses/nannies are well prepared to care for the most important person....your child!

We take the worry and stress out of
caring for your precious little ones.


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One of the main task of our Babynurse is to develop and maintain a Feeding and Sleeping schedule that Mom and baby can adopt.


Assess baby feeding demand and scheduling as needed, while ensuring baby is comfortable at all times.

Lactation & Breastfeeding advice to moms

Assisting Moms in techniques to breastmilk production.


Assess baby feeding demand and scheduling as needed, while ensuring baby is comfortable at all times.


Acclimating baby to bath time regiment.

Umbilical Cord and Circumcision care

Ensure special care to baby umbilical cord and circumcision healing.

Laundering the baby’sclothing

Daily chores of babynurse.

Maintaining the baby’s room

Daily chores of babynurse.


Laura K
Westchester, NY

"My husband and I are parents of triplets, two boys and a girl. … our baby nurse, she met each of these responsibilities with a positive attitude and absolute professionalism. She was always punctual with a cheerful and fun disposition. She made sure all her responsibilities were met, and she always made time to play with the babies and to have fun with them"

The Rose Family
Bellevue, Washington

"May taught us a lot about how to handle a baby, things we would not have known without her (even though this was our second child). We have had positive experiences with several baby nurses over the years, but she is by far and away our favorite. She is truly an exceptional person and a top-notch baby nurse."