What Is The Difference Between a Babynurse and a Nanny?

A babynurse is a trained non-medical professional who comes to a new parents home to temporary help them caring for their newborn(s), providing education, lactation support, and other associated duties. While, Nanny services are more long-term in nature and come with varied responsibilities associated with the care of your child or children.


Is There a Minimum or a Maximum requirement for booking a Babynurse?

No. Our first priority is the need of our clients. We can usually make arrangement up to six months and longer, if client requires extended service.


How Early Do I Need To Book a Babynurse?

We recommend as least two months in advance, however, you can book as early as you see fit. There are times when our clients need immediate help, which we do our best to accommodate as quickly as possible.


Do I Need to Provide Food For the Babynurse?

Yes. Meals are required for live-in babynurse providing 24hr care.


Do We Need to Provide a Separate Room for the Babynurse?

No. Our babynurses prefer to stay in the same room with the baby to keep a watchful eye on him. However, they are very flexible and adaptable with whatever works best for the family home layout.


How Much Does It Cost To Book A Babynurse?

We have an affordable flat rate. We meet or beat the competition.


What Is The Next Step To Get Started?

Give us a call and we make arrangement for you to meet your baby nurse or nanny. It’s that easy!