Our baby nurse for our twins was with us for more than a year we just couldn’t let her go! She got them both on the same eating and sleeping schedule (not very easy), handled night-time feedings, took long walks with the twins twice a day when I was still recovering from my Caesarean.

Alison R, California


When [she] was in our house taking care of our infant daughter, our house was a holy place. She has a beautiful spirit. She is full of love. She took impeccable care of our daughter, and of us. I will always be grateful for her and the time she spent with us.

Zachary D, California


My husband and I are parents of triplets, two boys and a girl.our baby nurse, she met each of these responsibilities with a positive attitude and absolute professionalism. She was always punctual with a cheerful and fun disposition. She made sure all her responsibilities were met, and she always made time to play with the babies and to have fun with them.

Laura K, Westchester, NY


May taught us a lot about how to handle a baby, things we would not have known without her (even though this was our second child). We have had positive experiences with several baby nurses over the years, but she is by far and away our favorite. She is truly an exceptional person and a top-notch baby nurse.

The Rose Family, Bellevue, Washington


I could not have asked for a more caring or loving woman to help me raise my babies. My twins were premature and while we were all afraid of hurting them because they were so small, she took charge and knew exactly what to do. She plumped them up and kept them safe and warm.

Alex C, Connecticut


She taught us everything there was to know about the practical side of taking care of babies, and instilled in us the confidence that we could do it all on our own. Things which now, in retrospect, seem simple and basic, yet at the time were completely foreign. She did it with patience, and she did it with love. She was always nurturing and accommodating, and instinctively knew what we needed before we needed it.

Jennifer & Jamie R, New York, NY


Caring for three infants is an enormous task, and she was invaluable to us. She deftly handled the chores and responsibilities that accompanied the infants, while providing a calm, nurturing environment for them. We were so grateful for her professionalism and compassion, both with our children and ourselves, the exhausted new parents.

Jerrold N, New York, NY